Nikko MCCBs(Molded Case Circuit Breakers) hold about 20% share of the MCCB market in Japan: Nikko is one of the best selling brand in Japan's MCCB industry.

We are confident that such dominant share of the market is maintained due to two factors-superior and stable quality of the products and adoption of the Hydraulic magnetic type, a unique method not employed by other makers.

That we manufacture MCCBs of the Hydraulic magnetic type, which is unsurpassed by other methods in terms of electrical theory and practical consideration, is responsible for installation of Nikko MCCBs in a great many fields. Of particular importance is the fact that Nikko MCCBs are used in major buildings in Japan as indispensable items for installation. Let us take a look at just a few of such examples.

(1)     Government Buildings

Nikko products are widely used in the buildings of government and public agencies. To name just a few:

Japanese Government Guest Palace, The Supreme Court,
The Imperial Household Agency, The Crown Prince's Residence,
The Imperial Villa, The Diet Building, The House of Representatives
& Councilors Hall, The Ministry of Transportation, The Ministry of Construction,
The Ministry of Trade & Industry, The Ministry of Postal Service,
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Welfare,
The Defence Agency, The Japanese Monopoly Corporation, The Printing Bureau,
The Mint Bureau, The National Theater, Local Government Organizations,
The Nippon Housing Public Corporation.

(2)     Power Companies

There are nine power companies in Japan, where Nikko MCCBs are employed for protection of highly advanced circuits. These nine power companies include Tokyo Electric Power, Chubu E.P., Chugoku E.P., Kyushu E.P., Hokkaido E.P., Kansai E.P., Tohoku E.P., Hokuriku E.P., and Shikoku E.P.

(3)     High-Rise Buildings

Construction of high-rise buildings(over 30 stories) is underway in Tokyo at a rapid rate. Of the 10 such buildings already built in Tokey 8 are equipped with Nikko MCCBs. This is because Hydraulic magnetic type's characteristic of instantaneous resetting is well appreciated. After all, no power failure can be permitted in these buildings. A power failure will completely stop the fuctions of a building, thus causing adverse effects.

Mitsu Kasumigaseki Bldg. 36 stories
Trade Center Bldg. 35 ″
KDD International
Communication Center
32 ″
Keio Plaza Hotel 47 ″
Mitsui Shinjuku Bldg. 55 ″
Sumitomo shinjuku Bldg. 54 ″
Yasuda Fire & Marine
Insurance Bldg.
52 ″
Nomura Bldg. 54 ″

(4)     Broadcasting and Communicatons Facilities

It is no exaggeration to say that the MCCBs of Nikko Electric are used at almost all broadcasting and communications facilities. This is due to one big advantage of the Hydraulic magnetic type: the MCCBs having a special rated current can be manufactured. In broadcasting and communications facilities, the breakers, which fit the characteristics of the equipment, and which can provide full protection, are required, because the functions of such facilities are backed by precision apparatus and equipment.

NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Public Corp.
All commercial broadcasting stations

(5)     Railway and Transportation Facilities

Nikko products are used at all railway and transportation facilities mainly because of the Hydraulic mangetic type's feature that it is unaffected by ambient temperature. As you can tell from Japan's location in latitude, the islands of Japan extend from the northern island of Hokkaido, which is very cold, to Kyushu in the south, which is close to subtropical.
Climate changes abound in Japan. As a result, trains run under conditions that vary with each region, and the Hydraulic magnetic type can cope with changes in the ambient temperature. All trains of Japan National Railway, Tobu, Seibu, Tokyo, Keio, Keihin Kyuko, Kinki Nippon, Nagaya, Nishi Nippon and other private railways utilize Nikko products.

(6)     Plants of Major Manufacturers

In addition, most plants of Japan's leading manufacturers make use of Nikko products. This means that the featurers of the Hydraulic magnetic type are appreciated for wide application. For example, one manufacturer cannot afford the time from a power failure to resumption. Or a steelmaker cannot tolerate mistripping due to the blast furnace heat. It can be said that for such reasons, many principal manufacturers have adopted Nikko MCCBs. The following users of Nikko products are all leaders of respective industries in Japan.

Steelmakers Nippon Steel  Nippon Kokan  Sumitomo Metal
Shipbuilders Mitsui Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Automakers Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.  Nissan Motor Co., Ltd
Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.  Isuzu Motors Ltd.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd.
Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd.  Sankyo Co., Ltd.
Paper manufacturers Honshu Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Jujo Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Morita Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Precision equipment
Canon Inc.
K. Hattori & Co., Ltd.(Seiko Watches)
Beverages and Foods Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.  Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Kokkoman Shoyu Co., Ltd.

(7)     Overeas Main Clients

Air Force of Korea, the Republic of Korea
Housing & Development Board, Hong Kong
Continental Hotel, the Philippines
Globe Steel, the Philippines
Taiwan Plastic, Taiwan
Chinese Petrochemical, Taiwan
Bali Beach Hotel, Indonesia
Hotel Indonesia, Indonesia
Ugiminas Steel, Brazil
Arabian Oil Company, Saudi Arabia
Iraq Vocational Training School, Iraq
State Organization of Electricity, Iraq
Iran Japan Petrochemical, Iran
Jordanian Electric Power Company, Ltd. Jordan
Kuwait Airport Facilities, Kuwait
Saudi Arabian Travelling Substation Truck, Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates Dobai Shipyead, United Arab Emirates
Qatar Port Facilities, Qatar